2021-2022 Season

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By Jordan Noble

Gracia is a Latina entrepreneur using her chemistry undergrad degree to run a small cleaning business specializing in rare animal messes. Her fiancé is Jason, a young politician who’s gearing up for a run at the state senate, trying to stay independent. In the world of Jr., birth is a genetic roll of the dice. A couple can have poisonous snakes for children. You might have an orangutan brother, or an uncle who’s a cockatiel. And they’re just that – animals. They don’t break into Disney songs or even talk, they just make a mess. Most people hope for Juniors – human children. Newly pregnant, trying to grow her business and feeling the pressure of uncertainty surrounding her impending motherhood, Gracia discovers that her family history isn’t what she was told, and the identity she’s always grown up with is false.
Content Warnings: Adult language

Jordan Noble was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, where he studied English and Theatre at Old Dominion University, and where his first play, The Shivers, was produced. After performing in local theatre and working as a technician and writer for an illusionist for several years, he moved to northern Virginia to teach theatre in secondary schools. While teaching, he led workshops at the Virginia Theatre Association’s annual conferences, and traveled to London to study contemporary and Shakespearean acting at The Guildhall School. His passion in teaching has always been guiding students through the process of theatre from idea, through scripting, and into production. It was his students’ own passion that inspired him to return to writing, and his play Taste was produced during lockdown by JaYo Theatre in Washington DC. He now lives in Tuscany, Italy with his wonderful wife of thirteen years.
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About WSRT

Walking Shadow’s mission is to provide a virtual platform for playwrights to hear their in-development works read aloud. Playwrights receive interdisciplinary feedback from our company members to develop their work. We provide feedback from a panel of professionals in fields including writing, editing, playwriting, education, acting, directing, and technical theatre. We also have experts bringing perspectives from fields such as mental health, technology, and theology. We help new and experienced playwrights refine their works through performance and constructive feedback.

Walking Shadow Readers Theatre was originally launched in 2005 as Walking Shadow Theatre Company. It was founded by alumni of South Lakes High School in Reston, VA, who reunited to produce theatre in Washington, DC. The company transformed into a virtual readers theatre in June, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the changing world of American theatre.

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