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Walking Shadow Readers Theatre is an all-virtual theatre company, so the performance will be done from your home. Requirements are a computer with consistent internet access, ability to utilize the Zoom platform, and availability for three rehearsals to review the technical requirements of the reading and gain knowledge of the play. Final performances are held on the last Friday of each month. At this time, we are offering a small stipend to outside artists who work with our company. We strongly encourage actors of color to submit. Walking Shadow Readers Theatre works with new and established playwrights to develop their projects in a workshop-style setting. Our readings help give playwrights a chance to hear their words and characters out loud. The company members then provide playwrights with a 30–45-minute structured feedback session to help with future revisions of the play. The actors participate in the feedback session after the performance. Please send headshots and resumes to by November 30, 2021.

JR. by Jordan Noble (January Reading)
ACTOR 3 *NOTE: we are actively seeking an actor of color for this role
Lina Moreno – Gracia’s mother. Loving and insightful, tells a crochet sack purse worth of stories, but also buries things.
Homeowner 5 – Very southern mother to coyote.
Homeowner 4 – Old money mother to snakes. High collars and pearls under a higher chin and diction.  
Protestor 4 – Pathos
ACTOR 4 *NOTE: we are actively seeking an actor of color for this role
Ramon Moreno – Gracia’s father. Confident, powerful, somewhat wrong about half of what he’ll argue.
Detective Haas – Police detective. Good at his job, still working on shielding his kind side from it.
Doctor Chapman – Decent doctor. Very rehearsed bedside manner 
Keeper Terry – Done this a lot of years
Officer 1 – Overworked and doing his best

Halfway to the Middle by Bridget Grace Sheaff (February Reading)
Logan- M, late 20’s, often distracted *NOTE: we are actively seeking an actor of color for this roleOf All the Places in the World by Daphny Maman (March Reading)
Margo – female, 60, Caucasian, Jewish-American. She is well-kept, elegant, funny, sharp and confident. Well, she has to be confident, as she’s a big Hollywood producer. Nothing can get in her way.
Chann – male, 11, Asian, Khmer-Cambodian. Cheerful and confident. (NOTE: due to evening rehearsals and performance, and the touchy subject matter of this piece, we are looking to cast older for this role)

The Taste of Emeralds (April Reading)
DEREK: M. late 30s/ early 40s. Husband of Margot. Dependable and easy going. *NOTE: we are actively seeking an actor of color for this roleAn Imperfect Storm by John Scavone (May Reading)
Cliff Hale – mid to late 40’s

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