One Acts Festival

In celebration of a season well done, we are happy to present our annual One Acts Play Festival, featuring shorter plays by some of the playwrights we’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout our 2021-2022 season!

Our festival begins June 24, 2022 at 8:00pm EST and ticket holders have access to all videos from the festival through July 8, 2022! Tickets are required to view the festival.

Program of Readings

Beth, the Very Last Polar Bear

by Jordan Elizabeth Henry

It’s the year 2100 and the end of the Earth is upon us: tomorrow morning, the final ships will take off all over the world, carrying all remaining human life to a new planet home. Chloe has a secret that she’s been hiding out in the woods, and she needs her partner’s help to ensure her secret is protected — but at what cost?

Click here for information on Jordan’s previous Reading of Resurrection.


by Jordan Noble

Assistant principal-in-training Jessica Schott is left to hold down the fort when students are discovered passing cash and little baggies of white powder. Through interviews with the kids involved, she discovers that their actions are both less troubling than initially thought, and somehow so much more.

Click here for information on Jordan’s previous Reading of Jr.

A Cupboard Full of Coffee Cups

by Bridget Grace Sheaff

On the brink of separation, Donna and Michael are clearing out their kitchen, sorting through years worth of memories through their coffee cups.

Click here for information on Bridget’s previous Reading of Halfway to the Middle!

The Bar Bet

by William Costanza

How much would you be willing to bet on a sure thing?

Click here for information on William’s previous reading of Sapo’s War.


by Daphny Maman

This is the best day of Flark’s life; after many years he has finally gathered the courage to ask the attractive lady he meets at the post office to come over to see his stamps. His only problem is Rolf – his desperate, sloppy, covered-with-crumbs neighbor who sits by his entrance  door and refuses to wear pants.

Click here for more information on Daphny’s previous Reading of Of All the Places in the World.

Gershwin’s Last Ride

by Ryan Stevens

Gershwin, a prize-winning bull, goes one-on-one with the hottest pro bull rider today, AJ Hawkins. Gershwin’s renowned for his fury, already has a body count, and given the right amount of stress he just might snap again. In ten minutes (and eight seconds), these two champions clash and leave forever changed.

Click here for more information on Ryan’s previous Reading of Modern Blood.

The Misfit Mantra

by Amy Dellagiarino

Clarissa and Jasper grapple with the fact that their lives have veered off-course as they sit under a terrible painting of a smiling star.

Click here for more information on Amy’s previous Reading of The Taste of Emeralds.


All tickets include $10 General Admission and 2 weeks of access to all streamed content from the evening of the festival!

Tickets to the One Acts Festival Fundraiser are not tax-deductible

General Admission

This year’s one acts festival will feature 7 one act plays, interviews with playwrights from this past season, and more!

General Admission

Additional Support for Walking Shadow

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Walking Shadow Readers Theatre is currently an all volunteer organization. With the proceeds from our festival, we are raising money to compensate our artists for their work on future readings, to pay our hard working staff, and to keep our theatre company running.

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