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Walking Shadow Readers Theatre presents livestreamed readings on the last Friday* of every month at 8:15pm EST throughout our season. Tickets are required to attend a livestreamed reading and receive one week of exclusive access to that month’s reading before it is presented to the public.

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*In the event the last Friday of the month is a national holiday, our readings will occur a week earlier. Specific dates will be posted on our homepage.

DECEMBER 17, 2021

SERVICE INDUSTRY by Ezra Brain & J. Andrew Norris
How do you know when to quit? “Service Industry” follows Lily, an aspiring stand up comedian, as she starts a new job at a sports bar in NYC. She must balance her personal, artistic, and professional life as she navigates the endlessly complicated world of the service industry and ponders what to make of her career.

JANUARY 28, 2022

JR. by Jordan Noble
Gracia is a Latina entrepreneur using her chemistry undergrad degree to run a small cleaning business specializing in rare animal messes. Her fiancé is Jason, a young politician who’s gearing up for a run at the state senate, trying to stay independent.
In the world of Jr., birth is a genetic roll of the dice. A couple can have poisonous snakes for children. You might have an orangutan brother, or an uncle who’s a cockatiel. And they’re just that – animals. They don’t break into Disney songs or even talk, they just make a mess. Most people hope for Juniors – human children. Newly pregnant, trying to grow her business and feeling the pressure of uncertainty surrounding her impending motherhood, Gracia discovers that her family history isn’t what she was told, and the identity she’s always grown up with is false.

FEBRUARY 25, 2022

Halfway to the Middle by Bridget Grace Sheaff
Jessie and Logan are in a long distance relationship. Over the first year of their relationship, we see them struggle with the distance, their insecurities, and the outside world from inside a little motel room halfway between their two cities

MARCH 25, 2022

Of All the Places in the World by Daphny Maman
After finding disturbing pictures on her son Adam’s computer, Margo and her new playboy lover Vince arrive at his home in Cambodia to confront him. Adam, who strongly maintains his innocence, is a long-time victim of Margo’s toxic motherhood; she was, and still is, controlling and manipulating.  Soon enough, Adam realizes that if Margo senses he might be dangerous in any way she will take his newborn away from him, to protect them both. Will Adam be able to convince her he is innocent?

APRIL 29, 2022

The Taste of Emeralds by Amy Dellagiarino
Sisters Margot and Caitlin meet up at their mother’s small, decrepit apartment to go through her possessions after her recent death. As the day slowly turns into night, they begin to unpack the secrets of their past until the haunting influence of their mother throughout their years begins to look a lot like an actual haunting…

MAY 27, 2022

An Imperfect Storm by John Scavone
Cliff Hale is preparing to leave the hospital, waiting for his wife, Joan, to come pick him up. Only Cliff doesn’t quite remember why he’s in the hospital, how he got there, or how long he’s been there. Dr. Reyes must guide him along a torturous path through changing memories, his fears and prejudices, to the horrifying truth of what really happened one dark and stormy night.

Play Updates: Resurrection has been published! Visit New Stage Press for additional information and to order a copy of the script!

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