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Walking Shadow Readers Theatre is an all volunteer organization. With your support, we are raising money to compensate our artists for their work on future readings, to pay our hardworking staff, and to continue developing plays with new and up and coming playwrights.

How can I help?

One-Time Donation
Every dollar helps! From the price of convenience store coffee, to what you would have spent on live entertainment in 2020, a donation to Walking Shadow Readers Theatre guarantees supporting artists in the months to come as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recurring Donations
With new readings being produced each month, consider making a monthly donation to support each new script in development!

Watch and Share our Readings
As an all-virtual theatre company, Liking and Sharing our readings is the easiest way to help us grow and introduce new stories, playwrights, and actors to a broader audience in an easily accessible manner.

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