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Complimentary Tickets

We are happy to provide complimentary tickets to those unable to donate.

Use the following form to reserve a ticket for an upcoming reading. The deadline for requesting a complimentary ticket to a reading is one day prior to that reading’s premiere. We will begin sending out viewing information the day prior to each reading.

Please note that complimentary tickets are managed manually and may take up to 24 hours to process.


by Maximillian Gill

March 31, 2023
Tracy has one dream: Make it big playing country music. She is all set for an important audition at Spittles, her local country and western bar in southern Maine. Unfortunately, the venue has been remade into a heavy metal bar overnight. Now Tracy has a potential disaster on her hands as her brand of acoustic string music will not go over well with an audience expecting head-banging metal. The venue’s manager Lloyd, her musical partner Marv, and her former partner Bella are little help with making the show go smoothly. Tracy must look beyond her own ego to mend the situation and bring everyone together for a show that will (hopefully) not be a total catastrophe.


by John Minigan

April 28, 2023
How do we become entrenched in the beliefs we hold, and what – if anything – can get us to walk away when those beliefs lead to chaos and destruction? Jordan’s mission to infiltrate and report on an apocalyptic religious community has ended in disaster. Questions from an unseen interrogator trigger and inform Jordan’s memories of her time undercover, force her to confront the series of choices she’s made, and decide whether the beliefs that guided her mission are any less dangerous than the beliefs of those in the group.

Content Warning: Adult Language, Violence

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